Issue One:
(Dis)topia Australia

Issue 1: (Dis)topia Australis examines the multiplicities of our continent: it’s horrors and it’s spaces of emancipation.

Featuring writing by Ruby Thorburn, Claire Waddell-Wood, Mark Romei, Srishti Chatterjee, Adrian Fernandez, Enzo Lara-Hamilton, Morgan Heenan, Andy Paine, Alice Seedling, and Yin Paradies.

(Dis)solution creates and publishes work to unravel the knots of injustice in the post-end-of-history Anthropocene(s). It turns a critical eye to the machinations of exploitation at the intersections of the political, cultural, and ecological, and the crisis and contradiction that follows. (Dis)solution believes in work that analyzes our world without insularity, work that informs our everyday-political movement through the eroding topographies of the 21st century—not merely to understand it, but to change it.

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