(Dis)solution is an Australian online and print journal published in Naarm/Melbourne. It is born out of a need for radical, critical thought and expression, particularly from emerging writers, artists and activists which challenges the catastrophic, ecocidal structures of the 21st century.

Our work emphasises not just thought, but action; not just think pieces, but do pieces. We are commited to moving with intention and urgency. (Dis)solution hopes to aid us in this mission: to distinguish the false solutions—of which there are no shortage—from the genuine ones, and to dissolve what no longer serves us.


(Dis)solution publishes themed print issues, as well as standalone pieces online. We primarily publish essays, but are open to all other medums. 

Submissions can be sent as a pitch that describes the concept of the work, format, and expected length, if possible with previous samples of work. Full manuscripts can also be submitted for consideration.

Writing shorter than 4000 words is preferred. Pieces for print issues are paid at $100 for sub-1500 word pieces and $200 for 1500+ word pieces. Other mediums are varyingly paid relative to size and labour. Online-only pieces are, at this stage at least, not paid.

We want work that’s urgent, that recognizes and acts on the present. We're interested in writing that is unique and impactful, that strives for clarity, impact, and relevance without dry prose and conventions—writing with personality and energy that speaks to the challenges and possibilities of justice in our time.

Send submissions to dissolutionmag@protonmail.com

Next issue: (Dis)solution.02: Geographies of Collapse 

Our century appears certain to be one of endings—of collapse. Our ecosystems, economies, cultures, ruling ideologies, political modes, and the foundations of society as we know them—all face unprecedented and nearly-incomprehensible crises. Things are changing profoundly and precipitously, and it has become clear: things can remain the same no longer.

This issue looks at the shifting sands of the 21st century: the continuation and acceleration of socio-ecological crises and their uneven unravelling across the globe. It investigates the social, political, and the existential implications of collapse; what will endure and what will perish?

Potential areas of investigation might include:
- The nature of collapse(s)
- Uneven distribution of ecological destruction
- Implications of displacement and migration, state failure, etc
- Political and social implications of crisis; i.e., rising authoritarianism
- The intersection of ecological crises with racism, xenophobia, imperialism, etc.
- Struggles for justice within an environment of collapse
- Possibilities for post-collapse living
- Community-level responses to socio-ecological crises and collapse
- Critique of issues within collapse/crisis discourse and framing
- Existential and spiritual implications of collapse
- Coping with collapse
- And much more

Pitch submissions open until December 12th

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(Dis)solution creates and publishes work to unravel the knots of injustice in the post-end-of-history Anthropocene(s). It turns a critical eye to the machinations of exploitation at the intersections of the political, cultural, and ecological, and the crisis and contradiction that follows. (Dis)solution believes in work that analyzes our world without insularity, work that informs our everyday-political movement through the eroding topographies of the 21st century—not merely to understand it, but to change it.

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