Everyday Spaces of Greenwashing

Enzo Lara-Hamilton

“Space is produced, but by whom? Spaces of our everyday existence are constructed with goals of their owners in mind. If the goal is profit, changing materials, signage or the organisation of a space will be produced to acheive it. Spaces are not apolitical. Just as a wall enables segregation, or absence of a public toilet enables street defecation, a space of greenwashing enables the continued destruction of the biosphere. Knowing how spaces help greenwashing will allow eco-minded people to properly interrogate claims of sustainability and how they are being influenced.”

Oligarchs, Ecocide, and Reclaiming True Politics

Morgan Heenan

“Electoral politics on this continent is about the furthest thing there is from genuine democracy, short of just shooting peaceful protestors on the street. This is not the news many people want to hear. But it is a crucial wake up call, for all of us to become active political actors, to reclaim our ability to have a say in our future, and to destroy the ability of elites to act without the consent of the people they harm.”

(Dis)solution creates and publishes work to unravel the knots of injustice in the post-end-of-history Anthropocene(s). It turns a critical eye to the machinations of exploitation at the intersections of the political, cultural, and ecological, and the crisis and contradiction that follows. (Dis)solution believes in work that analyzes our world without insularity, work that informs our everyday-political movement through the eroding topographies of the 21st century—not merely to understand it, but to change it.

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